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Roof Maintenance In the Summer Months

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As seasons come and go, your roof is forced to endure new elements. During the spring and winter, your roof is pushed to its capacity for handling precipitation and extreme temperature changes. The fall clogs the gutters and all openings with foliage and debris. While summertime brings its own unique set of challenges for your roof—unexpected heatwaves and tropical storms. That’s why our team here at JMR Roofing is here to help. 

Heat, humidity, and the constant threat of severe weather are a dangerous trio. Regardless of your roof’s age or condition, it’s crucial that you prepare for the months ahead. Today, JMR Roofing provides a comprehensive checklist for maintaining your roof during the summer months. 

Timeless Roofing Maintenance: Gutters

Clean The Gutters

Here in Birmingham, gutters get clogged regardless of the season. Summer leaves, along with wind and rain, will only exacerbate the problem. It’s crucial to clean them out before that happens.

Inspect The Gutters

Inspecting your gutters is just another part of being a homeowner and keeping your home properly maintained. During the spring in particular, damp debris along the gutters is a petri dish for seeds taking root and critters hatching. Make sure you’ve stripped out everything organisms can feed on as the summer months approach.

JMR Roofing’s Gutter Services

Believe it or not, there are times when our customers can’t clean or maintain the gutters on their own. Our team here at JMR Roofing has seen indestructible blockages and infestations over the years. In these circumstances, it’s crucial that you give us a call. JMR Roofing will ensure that your gutters are cleaned out in no time. 

Inspect The Roof Properly: Shingles & Flashing

Summer Shingles 

One of the most difficult aspects of summer is the temperature changes. Nights can be cool while days are brutally hot. These fluctuations cause your roof’s shingles to expand and contract too significantly and frequently. 

This can cause shingles to go brittle, crack, and become out of place. If you find yourself confronted with this problem, it might be time to give us a call. JMR Roofing provides routine maintenance on shingles of all kinds, using the best tools and materials available. 

Caulk Up The Flashing

Does your roof include a chimney? Vents? Any other protrusions? If so, make sure to check the flashing around these areas and caulk up any openings or gaps. The caulking around these areas will usually break up long before the shingles get bumped out of place. 

Check for Mold & Mildew

It’s also wise to check for dampness, just as you did in the gutters. This time, however, be particularly wary of dark spots. Shaded areas give away damp spots that may be crowded with mold or mildew. These fungi and other growths can lead to larger issues for your roof down the road. 

JMR Roofing uses the most advanced equipment and chemicals to rid your roof of anything rotten. Give us a call right away should you find anything suspicious. Allowing these growths to fester a moment too long can require big repairs, if not a complete roof replacement. 

Insulation & Ventilation

Inspecting insulation and ventilation are crucial for the health of your roof. You may think that insulation has only to do with the winter months. On the contrary, roof insulation helps keep your home cool, particularly the attic, which gets hot first because of rising heat. 

Ventilation is just as important as insulation. A roof that can’t breathe properly is prone to absorbing too much moisture. Both summer humidity and severe thunderstorms can soak through your roof without the ability to dry—again creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Insulation and ventilation are critical for your roof’s health during the summer months. Calling a professional from JMR Roofing can make the difference between minor maintenance and massive repairs. 

Cut Back Overhanging Trees

Here at JMR, we know that Alabamans love their trees. More than adding character to your home, trees provide shade during the brutal summer months. But allowing trees and their branches to hang too close to your house during the summer is a big, big risk. 

One bad thunderstorm can bring a branch—or perhaps an entire tree—crashing through your roof. Give JMR Roofing a call, and we’ll come out to gauge the risks of your surrounding wood. At the very least, allow us to help you make an informed decision. 

That’s what JMR Roofing’s summer checklist is all about. No two roofs are going to confront the exact same challenges. You need an experienced team of professional roofing experts to ensure that you’re minimizing the risks posed against your roof when spring’s cool weather breaks and the heat begins. 

Contact JMR Roofing Today!

JMR Roofing is the greater Birmingham area’s best and most comprehensive roofing company. Whatever your roof needs, we can get the job done. That includes preparing your roof for the summer months ahead. Summer’s heat, humidity, and severe weather pose countless risks to your roof. JMR Roofing can ensure that you mitigate these risks to the greatest extent possible. 

Give us a call or visit our website today for a free quote or more information about how JMR can prepare your roof for summer. 

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