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Comprehensive Roofing Services in Central Alabama

With over 17 years in business and five decades of combined experience, JMR Roofing does it all. From repairs and replacements to installations, our customers throughout Birmingham and the surrounding Alabama area have attested time and again to our professionalism and capabilities. One reason for our success is our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of roofing services. If there’s a roofing service you need, chances are, we’ve done it. In the rare event that we come across something new, we’ll provide creative solutions backed by a studied approach and careful determination to get the job done right. These include solutions for specific tasks and alternative structures outside residential homes and commercial buildings. Two specific roofing services that come across our desks are roof membranes and roof coatings. Though entirely separate, they are both crucial in their own way. Learn more about JMR’s roof membrane and coating services below.

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JMR Roof Membranes

Roof membranes are a less commonly known feature of flat roofs. Roof membranes are typically associated with Recreational Vehicles (RVs), tanks, or Ponds. Membrane roofing provides warmth, insulation, and replaces water that pools on the roof and potentially enters the property or structure. Perhaps most importantly, however, roof membranes allow the roof to “breathe,” thus avoiding the collection of moisture which leads to mold and rot. The range and combination of materials used in roof membranes are broader and more complex than expected. It’s crucial to the integrity of your structure or property that you work with a trusted and knowledgeable provider. JMR Roofing’s staff has repaired or installed roof membranes since long before our formation, 17 years ago. With over five decades of combined experience, we understand the process better than any roofing contractor in the Birmingham area and beyond.

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Roof Inspections

Customers come to JMR Roofing for inspections for many reasons. Whether your roof presents signs of damage, aging, discoloration, or any other questionable trait, JMR’s roofing experts will get to the bottom of the problem. Additionally, JMR Roofing works with plenty of families and businesses that want or are required to have routine inspections. Getting your roof regularly inspected ensures that you don’t run into much costlier problems down the road. Call JMR Roofing today or visit our contact page to schedule your roof inspection.

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When it comes to repairs and maintenance, many of us want to do as much as possible for ourselves. Whether for a sense of pride and purpose, to save money, or simply out of joy for manual tasks, people take pleasure in maintaining, repairing, and improving their homes and places of work. Sometimes, we also assume that we should complete a certain task. The gutters are one of those tasks. However, gutter systems are often more complicated than they seem. Past basic clogs, many problems can grow and persist, such as blossoming mold, constant moisture building, and surrounding rot. JMR Roofing provides thorough gutter services, ensuring that your gutters remain more boon than bane for your home or business.

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Fascias are popular among houses across the greater Birmingham suburbs because of their aesthetic and practical benefits. They may seem simple enough, but repairing, replacing, or installing quality fascias that fit your home’s style and needs require a highly trained and dedicated roofing team. The JMR Roofing team has dozens of years of experience working on fascias of all kinds. Certified, licensed, and insured, JMR roofing also understands how to weave aesthetics and design seamlessly into fascia repairs and replacements.

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Are you ready to get your roofing project started?

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