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Residential Roof Repair

Residential Roof Repairs in the Greater Birmingham Metro Area

As a comprehensive provider of roofing services, JMR Roofing offers repair services throughout the greater Birmingham metro area and beyond. Central Alabama sees a wide variety of housing and roofing. Our constant vigilance regarding the latest styles, materials, and structural designs drives our ability to provide the highest quality roofing repairs. We also provide flexible scheduling and, unlike most contractors, prioritize punctuality and time management. Most importantly, in times of emergency, such as storm damage or leaks requiring immediate attention, JMR Roofing is ready for your call. Countless customers have relied on our repair services. With JMR Roofing, you know you're getting the best work at a reasonable price.

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JMR Roofing Works In Any Weather

One of our most frequently asked questions has to do with the best times for repair and other roofing services. We always tell our customers that the best times are calm and dry. Of course, this makes the summer and fall ideal for roof repairs and maintenance. However, we also make sure our customers are well aware that JMR Roofing works whenever you need us. The volatile Alabama climate waits for no man. When your roof is damaged, the elements are ready to pour in, causing further damage or incurring upon the indoors. Contractors without a sense of urgency will allow these problems to compound. With JMR Roofing, urgency means immediacy. Regardless of the season or the weather, we make ourselves available so that you get the repairs you need.

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JMR Roofing Sees It Through

We started this company because we understand that existing roofing contractors were not providing the level of service that Birmingham’s families deserve. As the Birmingham area’s newest preeminent roofing provider, our team here at JMR Roofing is eager to please. At the same time, we bring more than five decades of combined experience to your roofing needs. No other roofing outfit brings the same combination of experience, passion, and drive. We have noticed the surprise on customers’ faces when they realize that we’re not there to burn through the work as quickly as possible. JMR Roofing stakes its reputation on each and every job we perform for our customers. For your roofing repairs, you can rely on us to see it through.

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Our Work

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Comprehensive Repair Services

As mentioned earlier, we started this company because we saw a need for a skilled, reliable, and trustworthy roofing provider here in Birmingham. Each staff member here at JMR Roofing has seen firsthand the lack of both capability and accountability when it comes to roofing contractors here in Central Alabama. All too many roofing contractors will guarantee a job only to caulk up their gaps in knowledge with shortcuts and shoddy workmanship. With JMR Roofing, we live up to our promises. Our team can perform any repair you need, using the right materials and the right techniques. No matter the type of roof or the level of damage, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge, tools, and methods to set it right.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Residential Roof Repair

When is the best time of year to repair my roof?
Generally, summer is the most popular season for roofing repairs and replacements. With warm weather and minimal rainfall, your roofing company can accomplish your roofing goals with minimal interruptions. However, it’s never a good idea to put off roofing repairs. If you're interested in a consultation, call our team today!
Does JMR Roofing provide emergency repairs?
We offer after-hours and weekend services to fix damages to your roof! Our team at JMR Roofing can be on location in only a few hours to address leaks, missing shingles, flashing repairs, roof decking replacements, or other emergency roofing repairs.
How do I know when I should get my roof inspected?
We recommend a roof inspection once a year. Scheduling an annual inspection is critical to ensuring the health of your roof before emergency repairs or replacements are needed. Additionally, when buying or selling a home and after severe weather conditions are other good times to get your roof inspected.

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Are you ready to get your roofing project started?

Are you ready to get your roofing project started?

If you’re ready to get your residential or commercial roof repaired or replaced, don’t hesitate! Contact JMR Roofing today.

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