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Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Replacement in Central Alabama & Birmingham Metro Area

JMR Roofing provides replacement and installation services for all manner of commercial roofs. We use only the best quality materials and tools, prioritizing the quality of your roof over our profits at every step of the way. Though formed only two years prior, in 2020, we bring decades of combined experience with replacing and installing new roofs. We started JMR Roofing partly because we saw Birmingham's businesses and institutions paying exorbitant prices for inadequate work. Our roofing experts possess an unmatched understanding of this craft. It’s our duty to use it for the good of Birmingham’s businesses. From grocery stores to malls, JMR Roofing’s customers have been unequivocally satisfied with their new roofs, and we’re confident that you will feel the same way.

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Individualized Roof Replacement

Unlike other roofing providers, JMR understands that the story behind your roof significantly impacts how we approach replacement and installation. A damaged roof preventing your business from operating requires a different approach than a building whose roof is too old or out of fashion. Quality work is about customizing our replacement solutions to each roof. No two replacement jobs are precisely the same. To ensure utmost satisfaction from our work, JMR Roofing collects detailed information, creates specified metrics and models, and involves customers to the degree that you would like to be involved. We balance our rigid commitment to timetables and goals with the flexibility and patience necessary to adapt to challenges and changes along the way. Our commitment to providing you with the best experience possible drives us to bring these customized services to every customer.

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Minimizing Disruptions

Whether making minor repairs to the corner of a little house in the country or replacing the roof covering one of the city's biggest buildings, JMR Roofing's mission is the same. Our staff understands that commercial roof replacements carry the potential to prolong the disruptions that a damaged or otherwise old and unsound roof has already imposed. That's why the center of JMR's roof replacement service includes minimizing or, if possible, eliminating disruptions to your operations. If damage to your roof has suspended your operations, we offer creative solutions to accelerate your ability to get back to work while we prepare for the replacement and installation of your new roof. Short of sacrificing the quality of our work, JMR Roofing goes to great lengths to ensure that your roof replacement is a net positive for your business.

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Our Work

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JMR Roofing's Exhaustive Replacement Capabilities

JMR Roofing was created to bring Birmingham&'s best roofers together so that we could provide any service to any customer. In just two years since serving our first customer in 2020, we have brought to each successive customer total satisfaction with our work--including countless roof replacements for businesses across the greater Birmingham area. As an eclectic Southern city, Birmingham brings together businesses of all kinds and, therefore, all kinds of roofs. From corrugated metal roofs that preserve the character of dive bars to the sleek, institutional roofs of grocery stores and malls downtown, JMR Roofing has never met a replacement and installation project that we can't tackle. In tailoring our service to each customer, we work tirelessly to manifest the roof you envisioned.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Commercial Roofing Replacement

My building is very old and unique. Can JMR replace the roof while retaining the style?
Yes, our team is comfortable working with a multitude of materials and roofing systems. During your initial consultation, we can outline our plan for maintaining the integrity of your building while updating the roof to maximize your safety.
How long will it take to replace my building's roof?
The timeline of your project will depend on the size of your building and the material of the roof. In general, you can expect one to three weeks for a roof replacement of your commercial property.
When will I be able to get back to business?
Because of the loud noise that occurs during construction, we recommend that you open your business once the roofing replacement has finished.

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Are you ready to get your roofing project started?

Are you ready to get your roofing project started?

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