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Residential Roofing

JMR Roofing Serves Homes Throughout Central Alabama

JMR Roofing’s staff has provided maintenance, repair, and large projects for houses and homes throughout Birmingham for dozens of years. Formed in 2020, JMR brings a high level of experience and expertise that few, if any, competitors can match. With such a long track record of providing residential roofing service, working with JMR Roofing means you’re getting a team that’s known and trusted. We have worked on a broad range of homes throughout Central Alabama, providing a rock-solid foundation of knowledge and insight into your roofing needs. Above all, JMR Roofing puts customers first. Many contractors and roofing companies churn customers to increase their bottom line. We remain committed to providing the highest quality work, to which any one of our customers can attest.

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Repairing Your Home's Roof

Despite just two years in business, JMR remains the best in Birmingham for all residential roofing repairs. JMR customizes our approach to each customer, studying your roof's details to optimize our repair strategies. We also understand your desire for perfect execution with the least possible disruption to your everyday life. Our obsession with keeping apace with the latest techniques and tools allows us to provide the highest quality repairs with efficiency and effectiveness. JMR’s passion for roofing repairs keeps us ahead of housing styles and trends. We have kept pace with the evolution of material structure and aesthetics, allowing us to provide customized roofing repairs across the board, from contemporary to more traditional and classic homes. No other roofing provider can match our attention to detail and determination to get the job done right.

Residential Repair Services
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Residential Roof Replacements

Here at JMR, we live and breathe all forms of roofing work. We are particularly fond of roof replacements and installations because they display our complete arsenal of abilities and customer service. Our passion for residential replacements reflects our obsession with customer satisfaction, which differentiates us from so many other contractors across the greater Birmingham area. This desire makes all the difference, instilling an innate drive toward perfection for every roof we replace in our team. This single-minded drive has made us the most sought-after roofing installer across Birmingham’s suburbs.

Residential Replacement Services

Let our team use their 50 years of experience to help protect your property

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Are you ready to get your roofing project started?

Are you ready to get your roofing project started?

If you’re ready to get your residential or commercial roof repaired or replaced, don’t hesitate! Contact JMR Roofing today.

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