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Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

At JMR Roofing, we understand that repairing or replacing your roofing system is a significant investment! Our roofing professionals have answered thousands of questions throughout the years. Our goal is for our customers to be well educated on what roofing solutions are best for their home.


Frequently Asked Questions
About Residential Roof Repair

Who is JMR Roofing?
JMR Roofing is a comprehensive roofing provider with more than 50 years of combined experience. We repair, replace, and install roofs of any kind, using only the highest grade materials and methods. Anything you need, JMR Roofing can get it done.
Does JMR Roofing serve my area?
JMR Roofing provides roofing services to anyone in the greater Birmingham area. Whether you live in the heart of downtown or only call Birmingham home when talking to acquaintances, JMR Roofing will provide you with comprehensive roofing services.
How do I know if I need a new roof?
The answer to this question varies widely depending on your circumstances. Some roofs are damaged beyond repair, while others may have problems invisible to the untrained eye that carry imminent dangers to the dwelling's inhabitants. The former is more obvious, since leaks and openings are felt tangibly. However, subtler signs include discoloration, age, and more technical phenomena such as flashing. The bottom line is simple: It's best to get a professional team to inspect your roof. JMR Roofing provides accurate and honest assessments that, in the long run, will save you time and money.
How often does a roof need to be replaced?
Again, the answer to this question depends on countless factors. The materials used, quality of construction, and what the roof has weathered all play a significant role in determining the lifespan of your roof. Roofs with adequate materials and construction should generally last at least 12-15 years. However, JMR Roofing uses modern techniques and the highest grade materials. Our roofs last between 30-50 years and beyond.
Do roofs affect a home's value?
The best way to answer this question is to address the reaction that buyers have when house-hunting. Better Homes & Garden's survey of house-hunters generated a shocking statistic: over 40 percent of a home's first impression--what's referred to in the industry as curb appeal--is due to the condition and aesthetic of the roof.
When is the best time to replace or repair my roof?
The best time to repair your roof is now. Regardless of magnitude, a damaged roof poses risks to your safety and the safety of the structure's occupants's risks that subsume a host of other risks. Repairing your roof should be a top priority upon learning of the damage or structural weakness. In terms of efficiency, the best time to replace your roof is whenever the weather is calm and dry. Wind and precipitation may prolong replacements due to safety or structural issues. Naturally, most people seek roof replacements in the summer or fall. However, life doesn't stop because you need a new roof. JMR Roofing is a 24/7 provider, come rain or shine. You can contact us anytime for all your roofing needs.

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Are you ready to get your roofing project started?

Are you ready to get your roofing project started?

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